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Pro Pressure Clean and Seal serves Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties.
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Over 50,000 square feet of wood restored since 2002

wood restoration
wood restoration
wood restoration

The Pro Pressure Clean and Seal Dock & Deck Restoration Process
1. Inspect and evaluate.
2. Remove dirt and mildew, strip off any old stain.
3. Brighten and neutralize wood to bring to proper PH level.
4. Allow wood to dry sufficiently.
5. Sand and de-furr where necessary.
6. Apply stain for long lasting protection.
7. Maintain the wood on a 2-3 year schedule for preservation
and long life of your valuable investment.

1. Improper Preparation:
70% of our work goes into correct preparation of the wood to accept and hold the stain.

2. Inferior stain.
We only use Professional grade OIL BASED stains. Many stains have gone through formula changes due to VOC compliance laws and often do not hold up well regardless of their past performance.

3. Only oil based stains refresh the natural oils the wood looses when weathering.

Feel free to check out some examples of our work... note: Move your mouse away from an image to exit navigation

dock sealing
Before Pro Pressure Clean and Seal-
    dock sealing
An IPE deck in need of some serious restoration

wood sealing
The IPE deck had been sealed with an acrylic sealer. Acrylics will peel and crack and are very hard to get off.
wood sealing
This deck was stripped and re-sealed with Wood Tux
Example of an IPE deck that was sealed with an acrylic stain Acrylics will fail on exterior wood and are very difficult to strip off. We maid this one beautiful again

-IPE is a very tricky wood to stain properly. Regardless of what your builder tells you, research carefully before staining it yourself. Or call us for a free consultation.

Wood Tux

Wood Sponcer

Why Pro Pressure Clean and Seal should be your first choice for wood restoration:

A deck is an extension of your home. You could actually view it as another piece of fine furniture. You want it to look nice but it's very time consuming and sometimes you just can't figure out why you have to re-do it every year. There is a way to take the guess work out of deck restoration. Let a professional deck restoration company do it. Wood restoration is our passion. We are the only company in Pinellas County to be certified by the Pressure Washers of North America in wood restoration and preservation.
There are few architectural features that add as much useful beauty to a home than a wood deck. It is a place to hang out in nice weather and to entertain your friends. There are more than 21 Million wood decks in the US. Most in Florida are made from Pressure treated wood, but more and more consumers are turning to composites or hardwoods, and they have their own maintenance issues. Problems arise because few people know how to finish wood-much less how to do a complete restoration of wood.
Contractors and homeowners that use high pressure to clean wood can permanently damage it. The big box and paint stores recommend sealers that can actually cause problems. These products are usually difficult to use and do not last anywhere near as long as the manufacturers say they will. Maintaining those stains are also a problem as they continue to change formulations to meet the VOC laws. We can show you how wood should be finished and properly maintained so that your deck will have a long life and will stay looking beautiful. A place you would be proud to entertain your closest friends on and not worry about the all the work you'll have to do to maintain the beauty. Our goal is to PRESERVE the wood not just put a sealer on and leave it. There is a difference, and properly preserved wood will last much longer than wood that is just sealed with a big box brand sealer.

More samples of our wood restoration success

Here are some examples of damage done to wood by improper use of a pressure washer!

The pressure washer is only a tool a professional deck restoration company will use along with the proper cleaning and stripping chemicals. Knowing what to use and the proper pressure to apply is what makes us pros!

"We couldn't believe how nice this old deck looked after Jon was done. I thought I would just have to replace it." H. Kickliter Palm Harbor

"I had estimates up to triple the amount he charged and the job was done in a day and very well. Thanks."
        -D. Wilson of Crystal Beach

"Just beautiful! I will refer him to everyone I know."
Nancy H. Odessa

Remember- Painters know how to paint, Deck builders know how to build decks. Let Pro Pressure Clean & Seal show you how to restore and protect your exterior wood surfaces so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

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Pro Pressure Deck restoration video: